The Most Effective Child-Rearing Ad (and a great brunch spot!): Sundays at the Tricoterie

A few months ago I discovered “La Tricoterie: Fabrique de liens”. I have been a couple times for brunch and to buy my fruits and veggies. They have mostly organic and local food, good coffee and a nice ambience. It reminds me a lot of the late Cabaret-Boutique Des Bons Voisins where I worked in 2012 (and which has since closed, unfortunately). The Tricoterie is  also the best child-rearing ad I have ever seen – cute children and happy (and young and attractive) parents converge to eat brunch and enjoy life together on Sundays.

I started volunteering at the Tricoterie two weeks ago, which means I get tell people about cool upcoming events when they enter and afterwards I sit, drink coffee and sometimes write. It is a pretty nice way to spend my Sunday and one of the main reasons I am sad to be leaving Brussels so soon.

This past Sunday, as I stood at the entrance waiting for people to arrive, I was struck by an incredible feeling of community. Tables were full of people, families, friends, small children, parents and grandparents. Parents bring their children to take part in organised children’s activities, or let them play happily with the other kids. Most tables stayed occupied for hours, as people ate together, talked, had a second coffee and children came and went again to play. Sort of like a giant, shared living room, there was a constant movement of people in the space.

Another sensation that struck me was stability. This is a constant topic of conversation between myself and my friends here in Brussels. Since we are going to be moving every few months for the next two years, we often crave stability, settling into life in a place. We speak of partners, pet dogs, being able to accumulate books or buy a second pair of jeans. These things are all difficult when you must pack up and move every few months. Do not get me wrong, we are extremely fortunate and happy about our Masters program, but the grass has a way of seeming greener on the other side at times.


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